Thursday, December 1, 2011

Picasso Guitars

Finally finished!! my 6th graders finished their Picasso Guitars just before thanksgiving.(took forever I know..I'm new at this still figuring things out as I go haha) I spent break brainstorming ideas of how to hang them up. I love the solution I came up with! The space I have to hang up my students work is small and has white concrete walls. Not very compatible with hanging 3-D art work. So I got some command hooks and dowels and made my own system for hanging up my students beautiful guitars! The picture on the left shows the hooks. They were not cheep but you can buy replacement adhesive for them so they can be reused. I would recommend this particular kind becasue the hook swings around and these hooks are very versatile. Below are some examples of student work! I htink they came out really well considering this entire project was a bit of en experiment. It's hard to tell some of the details and the 3-D element from the photos so I might take some more close up shots.


  1. Awesome job on the guitars! I think you're doing great work with your kids :-)