Monday, October 17, 2011

3-D Art

This post discusses a project that I introduced in previous posts :)

I'm still working on these 3-D Picasso guitars. This project is going to be trickling into
my posts as our progress keeps getting interrupted with school assemblies and picture day etc.

My students NEED structure. I knew that this project was going to be challenging becasue there were so many variables. I worked really hard to set my students up for success by giving them a very clear step by step guide of how to do the project. To the left you will see that I drew each step out for students. I also had this drawn on the board in color. In addition I demonstrated the steps and stopped between each step to check for understanding and review what came next. Would you believe some students were still saying "I don't know what I'm supposed to do next???"

I tried a new strategy today that worked out really well. I brought my Ipod and speakers into school and got some music I know my students love like drake, Beyonce, lady gaga. (I made sure they were radio edits). I gave my students the first direction and then turned the music on. After I assessed that most student had finished that step I turned the music off and gave my students step #2. Eventually the students got the hang of it. When the music goes off they stop talking and listen. It wasn't perfect I was still barking at some students to stop talking but it helped a lot. I think if I spend a little time explaining this freeze style art game it will be more successful tomorrow.

On another note storing 3D art is tricky!!!! I think I have come up with a good plan. I hate to admit this but I don't know all my students names. Its a real problem actually I'm working on it (I'm hoping its one of those teacher skills that comes with a few years of experience). It is always easiest for me to pass back work when it is pr-organized by tables. For example I pass back the Red tables work as a group. This is what I came up with. Each shelf is organized by homeroom. Then each section of shelf is organized by table. It's a little confusing to understand from the picture but it's almost like a spread sheet. Clearly I haven't put all the projects in yet. I hope this works :)

I would love to hear how you store your 3D art projects?? What do you do when they need drying time??

Can't wait to keep sharing about this project!

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