Thursday, April 19, 2012

Painting with out a classroom

Earlier this year I was working at two schools. At one school I didn't have a classroom. This posed a particularly hard challenge when it came to painting. I found some tips that might be helpful. Unfortunately the school was spread out over three levels with no elevator so I didn't have a cart. Instead I used canvas bags to carry supplies form class to class. I found that putting a cardboard box inside of a bag gave the convenience of bag with handles and the sturdiness needed to carry paper. When I did paint I made sure all of my water containers, cool whip containers, were all the same size. This way they stacked easily for clean up and carrying. I carried water in washed out gallon milk containers. I liked this better then buckets because walking up and down the stairs water didn't splash and slosh and there was an easy handle. I brought paper towels with me and gave each student a paper towel from the start. I relied a lot on student helpers.

Below are some pictures of my students warm and cool color perspective paintings in action.

Making my own Art work

I finally have found some time this year to make some work my self! I know its not always easy to find the time but I have really missed having my own creative outlet. Yes teaching, especially in low resource schools, certainly stretches our creative muscles but lets be honest we all have a passion to create!

I have been forcing my self to make work. I spent one weekend working on a painting and have signed up for ceramics classes again. I take throwing classes at the Clay Studio in Philadelphia. Beautiful studio space with amazing residents. Its one night a week form 7:00-10:00 and then we have the freedom to come in during open studio hours. It feels so good to get back on the wheel.

Imagination Drawings

My First and Second Graders did some beautiful imagination drawings earlier this year I wanted to share. The students cut out circles form black construction paper. They randomly glued them down any where on a large white piece of paper and were asked to turn that into a place or a thing.

I have struggling in the past creating curriculum for younger grades that involves so much freedom. As a newer teacher it feels much more comfortable having students do step by step projects that I can monitor. This was a great a great low risk way to allow students to have artistic freedom with out me wanting to pull my hair out.