Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We Scream for Ice Cream!

As the year winds down it's always hard to know when to STOP production in the art room.  Some classes are done all the work and I don't want to move on risking that those new projects wont get done.  Other classes are scrambling to finish up work.

If you find your self in the same predicament this is a fun one day project that worked really well for me!

I gave each student a large peice of paper.  On the back they had to write 4 ingredents you could buy at the grocery store but that you would not typically find in ice cream.
Examples: eggs, cucumbers, fish, raw meat, cheese, pasta, rice, donuts ect.

 Then we switched papers around.  So now each student had 4 ingredients they had to make into a four scoop ice cream cone.  It produced a really fabulous "EWWW"  "YUK" sound throughout the room. 

(I modeled this with students before hand and talked about how we can add the ingredients chopped up inside the ice cream.  I also brainstormed appropriate ingredients with students prior.) 

Then we got to work making our Ice Cream.

WARNING: this project is not for those with week stomachs

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  1. Great Pop Art project - always a big hit with my kids (especially if it involves food!) Thanks :)