Monday, October 3, 2011

3D art and Picasso

I am developing a lesson that invlovs learning about Picasso, 3d art, and cubism. Right now students are learning about Picasso and his influence on Cubism. We are focusing on Picasso's guitars. In particular we are going to be focusing on this guitar below.

During this first lesson students are watching clips of videos that talk about Picasso and his work. They are examining a power point of many of Picasso's depictions of guitars. I brought my own guitar in and we are isolating specif shapes we see and then ultimately putting them back together to make a cubist drawing of guitars.
The next time I see the students we are going to begin to construct our 3D guitars. I have very very few supplies. I decided to ask students to bring in a empty cereal box and cardboard paper towel or toilet paper roll. I recently got a donation of yarn that we will use to make the strings. With just these materials and scissors, masking tape, and sharpie markers we are going to make a structure similar to Picasso's. This is my first example on the left. I am still fooling around with this so I might change some aspects. I also haven't added the string yet.

Finally we are then going to explore collage. Just like Picasso used newspaper, brown paper, and music sheets we are going collage our Picasso guitars. I can't wait to get students working on these.

I am going to post a step by step soon of how I made the structure. Hopefully I will have some student work to post soon!

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  1. I really like the 3-d element of the guitar. I Look forward to seeing the finished products. Welcome to the community of art ed bloggers ;)