Sunday, October 2, 2011


How do we assign grades in art? How do we assess? How do we hold our students accountable?

I wish that all of my students were intrinsically motivated and completed all of their art assignments becasue they WANTED to. That is just not the case. In the begining of every class my students know to enter the room silently and get right to work with a work sheet. The purpose of the work sheet is to get students engaged immediately with art. This is something that is school wide but works well in my classroom. Progress reports are due on the 5th and I am thinking that I will make my very own art progress report to send home. I am thinking this might SHOCK my students a bit into taking art more seriously. I am going to send a packet home with all the worksheets they have completed. If they did not turn one in then I will send home a blank one for students to complete and turn back in. I am also going to require that students get parents signatures. I also want to have students complete a rubric to grade their final art work. The class overall is pass/fail but I think keeping track of students work in this way will hold them more accountable.

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