Thursday, April 19, 2012

Painting with out a classroom

Earlier this year I was working at two schools. At one school I didn't have a classroom. This posed a particularly hard challenge when it came to painting. I found some tips that might be helpful. Unfortunately the school was spread out over three levels with no elevator so I didn't have a cart. Instead I used canvas bags to carry supplies form class to class. I found that putting a cardboard box inside of a bag gave the convenience of bag with handles and the sturdiness needed to carry paper. When I did paint I made sure all of my water containers, cool whip containers, were all the same size. This way they stacked easily for clean up and carrying. I carried water in washed out gallon milk containers. I liked this better then buckets because walking up and down the stairs water didn't splash and slosh and there was an easy handle. I brought paper towels with me and gave each student a paper towel from the start. I relied a lot on student helpers.

Below are some pictures of my students warm and cool color perspective paintings in action.

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