Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tube-Free Toilet Paper

I recently saw this commercial.

Scott has come out with a tube-free toilet paper roll. My first thought was- O NO not one of my most precious art supplies!!!

In all seriousness it is a step in the right direction and I'm sure people will still buy normal rolls tube and all.

How many of your project include toilet paper rolls??


  1. I went nuts when I saw that commercial last year.
    First of all, I use the tubes for: the legs on our annual 2nd gread teddy bear chairs, all sorts of parts for papier-mache constructions (legs and piggie snouts for example), and assorted other extraneous purposes. I'd miss my TP rolls.

    Second, last year our school ordered the wrong size TP (the cores were the wrong size) so the custodial staff had to maneuver all the cardboard tubes out to put them on the dispenser (they gave me the odd sized tubes). What a pain! The rolls, without cores, did OK until you got close to the end, but then they became a floppy mess, sliding off the dispenser onto the floor and wasting a foot or two of toilet paper. So I think toilet paper without a core is really not as practical and environmental as it sounds.

  2. NOOOOOOO! I feel like i use toilet paper tubes weekly! ha, well not really, but they are such an art room staple. Well at least i can prepare myself. I have never seen this commercial and now I can ease into the inventible extinction of the toilet paper tube without going into shock:)

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